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how much are classes?

We are a donation based martial art school. Suggested donation is $50 / month for an individual and $100 / month for 2 or more students.  Our not for profit school (501 C3) may be a tax deduction. Receipts are mailed at the end of the year. 

What if i can't make a donation?

Come train with us! Our school is a not for profit business. We will not base your participation on income or ability to donate.

is every expense donation based?

Training is 100% donation based. We charge for uniforms and belt tests, however you are not required EVER to purchase a uniform or belt test. Please see below for costs and more details if you are interested. 

What should i bring to class?

We suggest to wear comfortable clothing, preferably long pants and long sleeves. We do not wear socks or shoes on the mat. You are welcome to bring a water bottle.

do you offer adult only classes?

We teach adults and children on one mat simultaneously. Our goal is to have one instructor for children and one for adults, bringing autonomy to each group.  Mondays and Wednesdays Little Dragons and Pumas are dismissed a half hour before adults ensuring adult level training. 

what do you mean by non strength based skills?

Hapkido teaches how to redirect an attacker. We will teach you how to use circular motion instead of strength. Hapkido is a martial art known for its joint locking skills. Joint locking does not require you to be stronger than your attacker. 

what if i have a physical limitation(s)?

Hapkido is an art that meets the individual. Our instructors are trained to offer modifications based on body types or limitations. It is the students responsibility to inform instructors on limitations or anything that makes them uncomfortable in teaching. Don't let limitations keep you from training! 

what if i only want self defense?

Each class teaches self defense skills. You are welcome to train as long as you would like without ever buying a uniform or belt testing. 


Kid's classes are taught simultaneous with the adult class by certified instructors. This allows the children to have the comfort of their parent's presence, yet experience autonomy by having their own class and instructor. 


Ages groups are  primarily based on the age of the student, however we respect different levels of maturity and may be determined by the instructor on an individual basis. 

are uniforms required?

You are NOT REQUIRED to purchase uniforms to train with us. However, if you would like to obtain rank in Hapkido uniforms are required. Uniforms (dobok) are $70, and can be purchased through two payments.

do you offer belt testing?

Yes! We offer belt testing for $25. You are NOT REQUIRED to test for rank. Payment is due before or on testing day, and uniforms are required. 

what should i expect at a belt test?

We belt test about every other month depending on overall student readiness. Beginning students often test regularly (every other month) based on class attendance. If you are not ready to test to the next level you will still be expected to participate and demo skills with no payment expected. Belt testing will last approximately two hours. Friends and family are welcome to attend. 

how long will it take the average person to get a black belt?

The average person doesn't get a black belt. Your dedication to training determines how quickly you move up in rank. Expect approximately four years of dedicated training. We hope to create lifetime learning without pressure of an end goal.

Do i get to break a board?

Yes! All students who rank up during a belt test get to demonstrate board breaking skills! Instructors will help pick a safe way to break a board successfully based on skill level.

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