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What makes hapkido unique is that it is a conceptual martial art based on theories of motion; a balance break, decreasing radius circle, and lowering your center, along with the theories of flowing water (redirecting force), circle (smooth flowing motion) and harmony (unity of mind, body, environment, and technique). 

Regardless of age or fitness level, hapkido can be tailored to your physical self. Hapkido welcomes people who have temporary or permanent physical disabilities. It is truly an art that meets you were you are and teaches you from there.

In today's society, people often misunderstand the goal of martial arts. Thinking it enhances aggressive behavior and relies on strength. hapkido participants learn respect and control. They practice discipline in their body and movement.  At Ki Martial Arts you are encouraged to move slowly and rhythmically. You do not compete with anyone except yourself. We encourage you to learn at your own pace.

When you attend your first class expect to be welcomed with a smile and train with people who will encourage you to improve the quality of your life as well as your ability to defend yourself.

Our goal is to share what we have learned in a positive and productive environment. Our instructors are trained not only in the art, but how to teach it so that you are learning not only the physical side of hapkido, but also the mental aspects as well.

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